KRE Aluminum High Port Head

KRE High Port Head top view

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 KRE Aluminum High-Port Pontiac Head
Availabe in 56 cc,  64 cc, and 80 cc chambers 

The KRE aluminum high-port Pontiac head is the second new aluminum aftermarket Pontiac head to come on the market  by Kauffman Racing Equipment.   This head is available with initial flow numbers around 330 cfm!  All heads have CNC chambers and are capable of flowing 400 cfm.  The heads will bolt to ALL traditional Pontiac blocks and do not require special offset lifters or rocker shaft systems.

This head is NOT a modified KRE aluminum D port, this is a completely different head/casting!

Other Info:

**  works with T&D Edelbrock rockershaft # 9028

Heads will be available with the following pushrod hole locations:

As cast flow numbers :


Intake Exhaust
.100 85 71
.200 170 129
.300 234 179
.400 284 221
.500 316 248
.600 322 263
.700 331 270

Performance Updates:

Dyno info:

TRACK testing:

Port Work Options

There are 4 different porting options now available on the KRE Aluminum High Port Heads

350 CFM Port 365 CFM Port 380 CFM Port 400 CFM Port

**  400 cfm head is a rocker shafted head ONLY

ARP High Port head stud kit

T&D Rocker shafts for HP heads


KRE High Port Head chamber close up

KRE High Port Head Chamber

Bare Castings Complete Heads

64 cc Chammber Available

80 cc Chamber Available

For Current cylinder head pricing please go to the new website here

** Bare heads come with seats and guides installed, guide plates and rocker studs

** Complete heads come with 1200 series Ferrea valves, titanium  retainers, 10 degree locks, PC seals, roller cam springs good to .750 lift, ARP rocker studs, 4 angle valve job and spring cups.