Pontiac Water Crossover Seal

Pontiac water crossover to timing cover seal

$2.00 ea
This doughnut style seal goes into the intake water cross over and mates up with the back of the timing cover on both the early (8 bolt) and late style (11 bolt) timing covers.  This hard to find seal can be purchased individually or it is available in one of our full engine overhaul gasket sets.

Telfon Water Crossover Gaskets

These teflon water cross over gaskets are great for those who are frequently removing / swapping intake manifolds.  Really good for dyno rooms too! As with all of our Teflon products, the gaskets are re-usable.  They are available in .062 paper as well.

Water Neck Crossover Gasket .062 paper Teflon Water Neck Crossover Gasket
$2.50 $5.00

KRE Pontiac Water Crossover

KRE Water Crossover

KRE Water Cross Over