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TIP digger goes 6.81 @ 192.28 Quickest NA Pontiac on the Planet!

The worlds  Quickest  Naturally Aspirated Pontiac
6.81 @ 192.28 mph
Kevin Swaney's Tin Indian Performance Rear Engine Dragster

- The fastest Pontiacs of all time listing -


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KRE WARP 6 Pontiac Aluminum Head

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Pontiac Nuts and Bolts

Pontiac Stud Kits

RA IV 190-4003 $141.00

Edelbrock & Alum D port 190-4305 $182.00

High Port Stud Kid KREHP-ARP $155.00

Pontiac Head Bolt Kits

Iron D port 190-3607 $83.30

Edelbrock & KRE Alum D port 190-3605 $80.53

Pontiac Main Stud Kits

Four bolt mains 194-5601 $118.00

Two bolt mains 194-5401 $80.00

Misc ARP Pontiac Bolts

Oil Pump Bolt kit TIP-ARP-OIL $5.50

12 pt. stainless steel intake bolts ARP 494-2101 $37.00

12 pt. stainless steel T-cover & water pump bolts ARP 490-1501  $51.00

ARP flexplate bolts ARP 200-2904   $28.00

ARP flywheel bolts ARP 290-2802 $37.00

ARP rocker studs 1.750 long ARP 134-7103  $43.00

ARP rocker studs 1.900 long ARP 100-7101  $43.00

ARP aluminum blower studs ARP 100-0601 $64.50


ARP Pontiac Crankshaft Bolt and Washer

ARP Crank Bolt and Washer

As the crankshaft flexes, the damper absorbs incredible amounts of energy. These damper bolt kits from ARP will ensure that your balancer is locked into position. They feature a 1/4 in. thick wide-area washer and an extra tall 12-point head that accepts a deep socket to eliminate the fear of stripping the head.  5/8" 12 point.


Pontiac Crankshaft Bolt and Washer

TIP crank bolt and washer



Pontiac Dress Up Kits

This is a 150 piece stainless steel bolt kit. It comes in either hex or allen headed bolts. It's inexpensive and works very nice for finishing off an engine build. 

$52.00 Standard Hex Head


ARP 12 Point Stainless Pontiac Engine Kit

ARP 12 point bolt kit

These ARP engine bolt kits come in your choice of polished stainless steel or black oxide chromemoly steel bolts with 12-point or hex heads. These kits include the bolts and washers for your engine.  We use this bolt kit exclusively on all of our high end in house engines!


ARP Hex Head Stainless Pontiac Engine Kit

ARP Hex Head Engine Bolt Kit

These ARP engine bolt kits come in your choice of polished stainless steel or black oxide chromemoly steel bolts with 12-point or hex heads. These kits include the bolts and washers for your engine.


Pontiac Crankshaft Key

Pontiac Crankshaft Key


Pontiac Cam Retainer   

           Cam Retainer

Pontiac Cam Retainer

If you want to remove your camshaft fuel pump eccentric, you will need to use this retainer. These on primarily used on full race engines or with electric fuel pump setups.


Pontiac Cam Bolt


Pontiac Cam Washer

Pontiac Cam Washer


Pontiac Camshaft Woodruff Key

Pontiac Cam Woodruff Key




Pontiac Timing Cover Washer

Pontiac Timing Cover Washer - stainless steel

Pontiac Timing Cover Lift Hook

Pontiac Timing Cover lift hook - stainless steel

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