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Pro Systems Carburetors

If you are truly serious about your engine program, then this is the custom carburetor for you.  We have been using Pro System Carbs on all of our in house engine builds over the past year now and we could not be happier with both the service of Pro Systems as well as their products.  Every carb is specifically ordered with your engine specifications ensuring that the carb and engine are a perfect match.

Pro-Systems is recognized Wordwide as the source for high performance carburetion.    They utilize the latest in computer innovations and fully incorporation on-track testing/data acquisition with their own company owned development vehicles and reputable racing teams, to improve their designs .   

Pro Systems Carbs are simply the BEST in our opinion!

Due to the custom nature of this product, Please call 330-699-1358 for pricing and ordering!

NEW SV-1 Series

SV1- A Perfect Uncompromised Venturi shape.  

Lightweight! SV1's are 10.2 lbs. to 8.0 lbs. (dependent on cfm). 

SV1's are 3 to 5 lbs. lighter! (13.2 lbs. is typical for Dominators and 10.5 lbs for 4150's).


It simply bolts in place of your current 4150 or Dominator carb.

With 12 World and National Records and 9 Championships already under its belt in its debut year, the new Patent Pending - Pro Systems SV1 Series (SV- Single Venturi) line of carburetors is the most innovative, power producing and throttle responsive designs available in carburetion today. 

The SV Series line of carburetors are designed for maximum performance in all categories of operation.  The SV1 is designed for Street use applications, High end bracket racing, Class racing and Nitrous applications when maximum power output and all around clean crisp and predictable performance from a program is required. 

The SV1 is a bit more expensive than our 4150 and 4500 series carburetors, so weigh your needs before considering the purchase.  Our 4150 and 4500 series carburetors are we feel, the best "bang for the buck" value in the performance carburetor world.  But if you are class racing or your program is maxed out or falls into the category of having specific issues that the SV1 can on.  

The SV1 utilizes a single venturi with special port layouts and very high cfm ratings that were previously unattainable.  Due to its high amounts of signal and shift recovery the SV1 uses 4150 style 2 circuit metering blocks.  There is no intermediate circuit required to assist in throttle response and shift recovery (like most 1050 cfm and larger four barrels prefer and require).

The unique quadrant tuneable SV1 booster design (which allows your main jetting to effect each quadrant or corner of the carburetor) has an exceptionally low lift point and the throttle shaft and blade does not impede signal generation, so the SV1 offers previously unattainable levels of low speed and shift recovery signal. 

As you roll into the throttle on other designs, the throttle blade is in the way of the booster until it gets to wide open throttle.  On the SV1, the booster begins receiving signal the moment the blade even begins to open.  This offers faster priming of the metering system so the SV1 will jump right up on even the tightest converters.   It also gives the SV1 incredibly smooth and very nice driveability.  You will be impressed by how nice the design drives and idles. 

The amazing idle quality is simply a result of a better layout.  You see on four barrel designs, the backside of the blade only allows in "clean air".  You really only have an opening at the front and rear of the blades to atomize the idle fuel, the sides of the blades (inline with the shaft), stay snug to the venturi at all times, acting like a divider.  But there is another divider.  On all four barrel designs, zero or very little fuel can make it to the opposite side of the blade as the throttle shaft acts like a drip rail and (divides) cuts the fuel off from traveling to this "clean air" side.  So on four barrel carburetors, only the outside edge of the blade gets fuel.  The inside edge towards the center of the body gets no fuel and only passes (or mostly passes) clean air into the engine.  So half of the air entering the engine is improperly lean.  To compensate, on four barrel carburetors, the fuel port side of the blade must be kept improperly rich to get a good "average". 

Clean air is the enemy in an engine as it typically stays clean as it easily travels through the intake in the direction of any cylinder or cylinders it wishes to feed.

On the SV1 the front half AND the rear half of the blade are exposed to fuel delivery ports so there are no "clean air" openings available to bypass these idle fuel ports (so no stray "clean air" streams can occur).  On the SV1, every place where air comes into the engine, offers mixture screw controllable atomized fuel (it's also unblocked as there is no throttle shaft divider keeping half of the blade from access to a fuel port).  This idle fuel is then drawn around the perimeter of the very large blade and is atomized over this very large surface area and that really improves the idle quality and evens up the distribution.

This much improved idle quality/atomization configuration is very important to Nitrous applications as it keeps your cold nitrous plugs from fouling out, so they stay clean and ready to go.  It's great for street and bracket racing/throttle stop cars too.

Another advantage to the single blade design is also obvious.  Four barrel carburetor designs require the throttle shaft and blade to be located directly under the center of the booster.  This layout impedes the boosters ability to quickly respond to air speed changes. The SV1 uses a booster design that does not rely on a signal generating center (like an annular, aerosol or dog leg booster).  So on the SV1, the throttle blade and shaft location are no longer a factor.  On the SV1, the whole booster length generates signal and because the blade and shaft are no longer a "signal blocker", when air speed suddenly changes (during a shift or the engagement of nitrous) you get more instant response to these changes and faster shift recovery time as a result.  This reduces lean spikes.  So you can stand on your nitrous tune up even harder without worry of going lean on the shifts or during nitrous engagement and encountering a loaded nitrous backfire.  This also makes the carburetor very consistent for bracket racing and throttle stop type applications as well.

The SV1 design features:


  • Incredible throttle response (designed for use with tight Nitrous converters)
  • Increased hood clearance (95mm blade version is 1/2" lower than a 4150 - ONE INCH lower than a 4500) 110mm blade versions on up are standard height at the air cleaner lip, but 5/8" lower at the vent tube.
  • Unbelievably crisp idle quality (keeps cold nitrous spark plugs from fouling)
  • Previously unattainable low speed signal (the booster maintains the proper ratio under the shock of heavy nitrous doses)
  • The fastest booster response time we've ever recorded (faster shift recovery)
  • Dual bolt pattern (fits on Dominator and 4150 intake manifolds w/ no adapters)
  • Uses all the standard metering, bowl gaskets, seals and base plate gaskets
  • Boosters are divided in the center to allow quadrant tuning (this improves cylinder to cylinder air to fuel ratio distribution)
  • No tools required to remove the boosters
  • Boosters can be custom drilled to enrich or lean out a certain section of the carburetor venturi to fine tune cylinders needs.
  • Boosters are O-ring sealed (not pressed in) to eliminate signal leakage
  • Air cleaner bracket available (bracket has been test cycled over 1000 times with a 100 lb. load without failure).  The bracket extends away from the venturi area to allow the incoming air time to fill and straighten.
  • Perfect for Tunnel ram and Supercharged applications (the single blade offers symmetrical distribution at idle, part throttle and WOT).

Order yours today.  Priced as low as: $1220.00 - Gasoline/E85 or Alcohol

Pro Series 4150 Style 

Pro Systems 4150 Style Carb

The PRO Series 4150 include these features:

  • HP main body
  • Available in cfm ranges from 780-1040
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • Billet Base Plate
  • Balanced drag float or Tunnel Ram Floats(10-12.5 grams)
  • Screw-in jet extensions
  • Clear sight glass
  • Stainless plate screws
  • Custom sized needle and seats (.110-.150)
  • Electronically wet-flow calibrated
  • Custom true race or throttle stop/bracket or street use - fuel curve
  • Live-engine tested
  • Techline access
  • Wet-flow dyno sheet for easy jet selection

Priced as low as: $640.00/gasoline or $690.00/alcohol


Pro Series Dominator

Pro Systems 4500 Dominator style

The Pro Series Dominators include these features:

  • HP main body
  • Available in cfm ranges from 920-1800
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • CNC Billet, custom exit angle, stepped boosters
  • Electronically wet-flow calibrated
  • Balanced drag float or Tunnel Ram Floats (10-12.5 grams)
  • Screw-in jet extensions
  • Clear sight glass
  • Stainless plate screws
  • Custom sized needle and seats (.110-.170)
  • Custom true race or throttle stop/bracket or  street use - fuel curve
  • Live-engine tested
  • Techline access
  • Wet-flow dyno sheet for easy jet selection

Priced as low as: $1020.00 gasoline

PRO-SERIES E-85 Dominator and 4150

Pro Systems E-85 4150 Style Carb


  • HP Main body (Dominator and 4150)
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • CNC billet, custom exit angles or stepped boosters
  • Electronically wet-flow calibrated
  • Custom float
  • Stainless plate screws
  • Hi-Flow needle and seats
  • SAE specific fuel curve
  • Live-engine tested
  • Techline access
  • Wet-flow dyno sheet for easy jet selection

Available for Street, Drag Racing, Circle Track, Road Racing and Marine Racing applicaitons.

Complete Dominator Kit (Carburetor and regulator) priced as low as $1195.00.
Also available without regulator for as low as $1090.00

Complete 4150 Series Kit (Carburetor and regulator) priced as low as $890.00

Also available without regulator for as low as $790.00



If you have any questions please email us at and we will get right back to you.

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