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TIP digger goes 6.81 @ 192.28 Quickest NA Pontiac on the Planet!

The worlds  Quickest  Naturally Aspirated Pontiac
6.81 @ 192.28 mph
Kevin Swaney's Tin Indian Performance Rear Engine Dragster

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The Tin Indian Performance Rear Engine Dragster

Kevin Swaney's TIP digger goes 7.14 @ 185.51 Quickest & FASTEST NA Pontiac on the Planet!

Kevin Swaney's Pontiac powered rear engine dragster


The Quickest and Fastest Naturally Aspirated Pontiac in the WORLD just got quicker and faster!

1st NA Pontiac Powered Pass in the 6s!

On April 23, 2010 we ventured out to Summit Motor Sports Park in Norwalk, Ohio to test out all of the R&D that had been done over the winter with our 1000+ HP KRE High Port Headed  MR-1 powered  power plant and reset the Naturally Aspirated Pontiac record! Not only did we reset our own record but we were the first to break into the 6 second barrier with naturally aspirated traditional Pontiac power!  This is a true milestone in Pontiac performance.
The first pass off the trailer was a 6.89 @ 190.89!  After getting back to the pits we discussed changing launch rpm only for the next pass.  The car had a .986 60 foot time!  That helped us get our best pass to date, 6.81 at 192.28!!

I would like to thank the Bader family and the staff at Summit Motor Sports Park as well for maintaining a fantastic facility and giving us a stellar track to make these passes. 

Track data showed we still have some room for improvement and we hope to get out again here very soon.  We firmly believe this combo has .70s in it maybe more.     
Reaching this milestone has taken a lot of hard work and dedication from quite a few people.  I would like to give special thanks to Mark and Jeff Kauffman of Kauffman Racing Equipment.  Without their support, knowledge, and dedication to not only my racing program but the entire Pontiac hobby as well, this would not be possible.   Mike Williams, Bill Mellott, Steve Kauffman, Kenny Criss, and Nathan Morris have also been instrumental in the success of our racing program as well. 
       Thank you very much for all you do for me and Tin Indian Performance!     

This is the first time out with this combo.  On the second pass of the day 6.81 @ 192.28 mph!


The first pass of the day netted us a 6.89 @ 190.89

In 2009 we acquired Jeff Kauffman's 2002 Cameron Race Cars Rear Engine dragster.  This was a proven chassis as Jeff Kauffman set the fastest Pontiac record at Norwalk Raceway Park in 2008.   We felt that the "blue digger" was chassis limited with the amount of power we wanted to throw at the car.

During 2009 the 540 was gone thru and some changes made.  The current engine is now 535 cid and before Norwalk 2009 we took the engine off of the dyno making 1013 HP!  It uses a MR-1 cast iron block and a 4.5" stroke forged crank.  It is topped off with a set of 400+ cfm KRE High Port heads and a KRE sheet metal 2 x 4 intake. We had hopped to tune a little more out of the combo howerver, Norwalk was approaching quickly.  We ran a best of 7.26 @ @ 184 and qualified # 3 in the KRE quick 16 at the 2009 Tripower Nationals @ Norwalk.

On September 25th we ventured out to Summit Motor Sports Park in Norwalk, Ohio and reset the Naturally Aspirated Pontiac record!   Testing data showed we still have some room for improvement and we hope to get out once or twice more before the end of the season.  The Tin Indian Performance Dragster ran a best of 7.14 @ 186.51.  We also ran a 7.19 that day @ 187 mph which is our best MPH to date as well.   We now have the quickest and fastest naturally aspirated Pontiac in the world!

Special thanks to Mark and Jeff Kauffman of Kauffman Racing Equipment, Mike Williams, Craig Dienes, Bill Mellott & Steve Kauffman, Kenny Criss, and Nathan Morris.


Tin Indian Performance Dragster


2005 debut of the digger @ Virginia Motor Sports Park Pontiacs in the Park Event

540 cid MR-1 Pontiac Block, 4.50" stroke forged crank made 950 HP and 763 ft lbs of torque with KRE High Port cylinder heads, a SINGLE 1250 Dominator Carb and Victor intake manifold on GAS!!  This engine has been installed in our Rear Engine Dragster for this season.

Naturally Aspirated Record Set!

9/28/07 @ Norwalk Raceway Park

Tin Indian Performance Digger goes 

7.37 @ 179 mph

540 cid MR-1 block, forged Pontiac crank, KRE High Port Aluminum Cylinder heads, SINGLE 1250 Holley Dominator on GAS

7.37 @ 179 mph Tin Indian Performance Dragster Timeslip

Special thanks to Jeff Kauffman, Mark Kauffman, Steve Kauffman, Bill Mellott, and  Kenny Criss for all of their help in setting this record.  Hope to dip into the 6's very soon

 TIN INDIAN Performance dragster goes 7.50 @ 175 mph

#1 Qualifier in the 2007 KRE Quick 16 @ the Tripower Pontiac Nationals with a KRE High Ports on top of an MR-1 Pontiac block




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